Marcos Morales Rodrigo


Experienced and skilled IT and software developer. I can describe myself as a highly polivalent IT professional, serious with my work, reliable, motivated, greatly experienced and skilled with superior attention to detail and proficent comunication skills to handle all the skateholder intercomunication needs.

I have been working in many different industries, companies and businesses adapting myself, acquiring new knowledge during the time and always, very soon, disrupting the place and methodologies to push it further with my analytical, creative and fresh point of view.

The IT industry has been my natural environment for many years and that has given me the experience and ability to create, improve and learn always the cutting edge technologies using the most modern methodologies, tools and skills.

I am the kind of worker that will always achieve results, aware about the deadlines, in the best way possible whenever it is inside of a team, leading the team or by myself. Obsessed with the perfection, scalability and usability of the final product and project I am involved, giving the final user the best possible service.


  • Programming languages
    • HTML / HTML5 / XHTML
    • CSS / CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • SQL / T-SQL
    • Python
    • Basic / Visual Basic 6 / Visual FoxPro 7
    • Vb.NET / C#.NET
    • PHP / ASP / ASP.NET
    • Java / JSE / J2EE
    • C / C++
    • R
    • Bash and Shell
  • Web site and web app development (full stack)
    • Database
    • Backend development
    • RESTFul API design
    • Server side rendering
    • Client side RIA
    • Two way binding
    • Reactive techniques
    • Templating
    • Responsive design
    • Material design
    • Touch friendly design
    • Mock and sketching
  • Technologies, Frameworks and SDKs
    • .NET Framework
    • DevXpress
    • Android SDK
    • jQuery / ExtJS
    • OAuth / OAuth2
    • Knockout / Backbone
    • ReactJS
    • Angular
    • Bootstrap / MDL
    • Phonegap / Cordova / Ionic / Framework7
    • SOAP / XML / JSON / WebApp2
    • Jinja / Ferris
    • Nodejs / npm / pip
  • Desktop development
    • Ms Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac
  • Mobile development
    • Native on Android and Windows Phone
    • Hybrid with Ionic, React Native and Native Script
    • Pure crossplatform with Flutter
  • Data scientist, data analysis and data warehousing
    • SQL / T-SQL
    • Stored Procedures
    • Monitoring tools
    • SQLite
    • MySQL / MariaDB
    • SQL Server
    • XML / JSON
    • SpreadSheets
    • Plain and Sequential files
    • R analysis
    • Plot presentations
    • Python and analysis (PANDAS)
  • IDEs, project management and version control tools
    • Ms Visual Studio
    • JetBrains / Eclipse
    • PowerShell
    • Sublime / Atom / Vs Code
    • GitHub / GitLab / BitBucket
    • Jira / Trello
    • CVS / SVN
    • Mercurial / Git
  • Methodologies
    • Agile / SCRUM
    • Waterfall
    • Project management
    • Team Management and Leadership
    • Feature Driven Development
    • Test Driven Development
  • Server admin and Database admins systems
    • Ms Windows
    • Linux / Unix
    • Mac OS
    • Novell Netware
    • Active Directory / ldap
    • CouchDB / VistaDB / MongoDB / ndb / Firebase / Firestore
    • Big Query / NoSQL
    • LAMP / WAMP / MEAN
    • Apache / nGinx / ISS
    • Docker
    • Virtualization
    • MySQL / MariaDB
    • SQLite / Ms SQL Server
  • Hardware and networking skills
    • Hardware config, admin and fixing
    • Architecture design
    • Networking
    • Cable and topology structures
    • VoIP / Phone systems
    • Router configuration
    • Firewall
    • VPN
    • Domain config and admin


  • Feb 2022 Current
    HSC Technology Group / Talius Group
    Senior FullStack Software Developer / Solutions Architect
    Designing, developing and deploying the next generation of Aged Care Solutions based on IoT for Health. Working deeply with AWS services, utilizing containerization, event driven design, microservices, serverless, IoT, Vue, NestJs, Vite, Typescript... you name it. A very complex and challenging environment with life-critical areas.
  • Jun 2020 Feb 2022
    Focus Products
    Senior FullStack Software Developer
    Back in the Liqua project, working as a senior fullstack developer on Google Cloud, python and reactive Javascript frameworks as Vue and bespoque ones.
  • Jan 2019 Dec 2019
    DHI Group / SeaPort OPX
    Senior FullStack Software Developer / UX-UI Specialist
    Working mainly on the FrontEnd area of the new generation of NCOS Online. Designing, Architechting, Leading and Developing the new generation of the core business system with a multilayered approach in both technology and the team. Implementing a QA framework for the company and a new Agile approach, driving for the first time Agile / SCRUM sessions from within a very diverse team in both skills and physical locations. Mentoring junior staff, QA and Peer Code Review.
  • Jul 2018 Dec 2018
    Senior FullStack Software Developer
    Working mainly within the mobile and web team. Developing and improving React Native mobile applications, writting good coverage of unit testing, ReactJs dashboards and some integrations with different parts of the Business Intelligence data sources. QA and Peer Code Review. Implementation of new methodologies and processes (Agile/SCRUM, gitFlow, supporting QA and testing, etc...)
  • Dec 2017 Jun 2018
    Central Queensland University
    Software Aanalyst / Developer
    Working across different projects coordinating interfaces, implementing best practices and advicing for changes and quality.
  • Jun 2016 Nov 2017
    Brown Paper Bag
    Software and Full-stack web developer
    Working in different projects from back to front end, Using cutting edge technologies like Angular2, AWS, serverless technologies and more.
  • Mar 2016 Jun 2016
    APN/ARM Australian Regional Media
    Full-stack web developer
    Leading front end decissions and mentoring junior developers. Front-end development most of the time working on legacy code and bringing new technologies every time that applied.
  • Feb 2013 Mar 2016
    Focus Products, PTY/LTD
    Software and Web developer / Module Analyst and Leader
    Leading several modules within the huge CRM/ERP system, I analysed and developed parts as virtual printers, water analysers, reporting and statistics systems, on field service systems, others tasks performed include data analysing, data migration, remote assistance and end user support.
  • Oct 2012 Feb 2013
    Freelance and SmoothSymmetry
    Head developer
    I was responsible for the design, develop, deployment and maintenance of several web sites, SEO strategies and hosting configuration.
  • Aug 2011 Sep 2012
    Indra Software Labs, SL
    Seniior Software Developer / Software Architect / UX/UI Designer
    At the begining I was only a Senior Developer, but soon I was moved to the UX/UI core team for the whole factory (400+ employees), in a couple of months I was promoted to help, advice and bring support for architecture design and develop for the whole factory in different projects.
  • May 2006 Aug 2011
    GAE Informática, SA
    Customer Support / Senior Software Developer / Analyst and Project leader
    Leading the Software development for professional services as payroll and payslip calculation, taxation, Social Security taxation and grants, as well as design and develop of many internal systems for version control, package deployment and support tracking systems through our own ticketing system.
  • Mar 2003 May 2006
    SET ici, SL
    Field technician / Networking / Junior Software Developer
    Network instalation and administration, server configuration and admin, System installation and support and heaps of different tailored software development for factories (mainly food process) designing traceability systems for lots, bar codes and health requirements.
  • Jun 2002 Feb 2003
    PuntoNET Informática, SL
    Hardware / Field technician / Sysadmin / Shop and Customer care
    POS sale, post sale support, on-site support, remote support, customer relationship, system administration, network deployment and maintenance, hardware and device repair...


  • 2015 Developer Programmer Advanced Diploma (ANZSCO Code 261312)
    Australia Computer Society
  • 2015 Data scientist, data analysis with R
    Coursera (John Hopkins University)
  • 2012 UI/UX and Front End development
    Indra Software Labs, SL
  • 2011 Android Mobile Development Master Course
    Master D (online platform)
  • 2010 Java SE and J2EE
    Triparty Foundation
  • 2010 MVC ith ASP.NET
    GAE Informática, SA
  • 2009 Ms SQL Server Administration and Tunning
    GAE Informática, SA
  • 2008 Ms Windows Workstation and Server Administration
    GAE Informática, SA
  • 2007 Payroll and payslip calculation
    Triparty Foundation
  • 2006 Linux System Administration
    Linux ORG
  • 2005 3D Design and development with 3D Studio Max
    Professional Training and Skills Don Benito
  • 2004 Bintec/Avaya router configuration and administration
    SET ici, SL
  • 2003 SELT@ PBX/IPX VoIP / Asterisk configuration and administration
    SET ici, SL